Marquee Ceiling Solution

Marquee Ceiling Solution

Water damage in your ceilings is not only unsightly, but also compromises the structural integrity of your home. The wet ceiling is prone to cracking, discoloration and mould growth, which is visually unappealing and dangerous to your health. The ceilings may disintegrate or swell, causing problems with the supporting walls and the ceiling joists. Waterproofing your ceilings prevents the need for extensive and expensive repairs and in most cases can be completed within a few hours with Marquee™ specialised spray pump. Marquee™ WFM™ product is the best solution for the ceilings due to its lightweight, flexible and excellent waterproof properties.

One of the most common ceiling leaks occur in modern days condominium and flats apartments or even skyscrapers office buildings. How many times have we heard neighbours fight because of the ceiling leaking issue? This is a serious issue, since we can safely say that no one would want to live under a leaking roof. Ceiling leaks occur when water from the unit above yours leaks into your ceiling through the concrete floor slab. This usually happens because of wear and tear of the waterproof membrane and screed in the floor slab. This phenomenon is more common in older buildings or poorly constructed buildings and typically occurs in wet areas such as toilets and bathrooms. The main argument between the lower floor’s residence and the upper floor’s residence is definitely who is hold for the ultimate responsibility for such leakage. It is an expensive and time-consuming repair procedure to get the ceiling (lower floor) and floor (upper floor) fixed in order to solve the problem. For this, we would like to introduce Marquee™ WFM™ to resolve this issue efficiently. Marquee™ WFM™ flexibility, high bonding strength, micro-organism resistance and water & air sealing properties is able to seal and protects the concrete slab effectively and thus resolve the leaking problems instantly.

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