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Marquee Weather Protective Coatings & Solutions are designed to withstand drastic weather changes especially tropical climate area such as the South Asia region. Our Marquee’s weather protective coatings are also environmentally friendly products that comprise solar heat-resistance, water resistance, mould-resistance and corrosion resistance properties.

Marquee™ Waterproof Flexible Membrane

Marquee™ weather protective coatings, WFM™ is a thin seamless waterproofing, corrosive-resistant, flexible polymeric membrane which bonds directly to almost any surface. Marquee’s WFM™ is single component and wet mix. It also contains no solvents making it safe to handle, at the same time, non-flammable and environmentally-friendly, thus it is an ideal solution for the Building & Construction Industries.

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Marquee™ Solar Reflective Coat

Marquee™ Solar Reflective Coatings, SRC™ isolate coated objects from solar radiation. SRC™ series of coatings are a perfect match with WFM™ for exposed surface of a building especially the roof and wall. The SRC™ combines well with WFM™ to provide additional protection of exposed building surface from solar-heat radiation by reflecting most of solar heat, reducing solar radiation heat absorption process. SRC™ aims at stabilising the temperature of buildings, thus reducing the risk of cracks formation due to thermal over-expansion.

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Consistently delivering products of the highest standard requires an investment in time, training, systems, processes and people. Marquee™ quality management system involves standard laboratory testing to ensure our products comply with industry performance standards. All of the quality checks, lab test and product evaluations are performed to ensure our products meet the needs of our customers.

Marquee Roofing Solution

Marquee™ Roofing Solution is designed to beautify and extend the lifespan of roof surfaces.WFM™ is able to expand and contract with temperature changes without cracking. It offers superior mildew resistance, excellent adhesion and by applying SRC™, we further enhances the quality du e to its U.V. ray reflectivity thus lower the temperature of the exterior roof and interior structure.

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Marquee Flooring Solution

Have you ever walked into your company’s warehouse, manufacturing floor, or retail area to discover a large crack in your concrete floor that you're pretty sure wasn’t there the day before? Perhaps you’ve just had a brand-new concrete floor poured for your new facility, and a week later it’s covered in tiny cracks. Cracking is part of concrete’s natural tendency. When it’s first poured, concrete is a liquid.

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Marquee Wall Solution

When exterior walls are exposed to solar heat and rainwater or high humidity, water and moisture can travel through the masonry and affect your internal walls. This means that your walls may stay damp for a long time before drying, which may lead to mould growth and irreparable damage. In humid areas, wall damage due to water penetration isn’t a matter of if, but a matter of when.

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Marquee Ceiling Solution

Water damage in your ceilings is not only unsightly, but also compromises the structural integrity of your home. The wet ceiling is prone to cracking, discoloration and mould growth, which is visually unappealing and dangerous to your health. The ceilings may disintegrate or swell, causing problems with the supporting walls and the ceiling joists. Waterproofing your ceilings prevents the need for extensive and expensive repairs and in most cases can be completed within a few hours with Marquee™ specialised spray pump.

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Marquee Pool & Water Cointainment Solution

Water is an essential material and it definitely request absolute clean and watertight or even gas/air tight facilities for processing or storage. Moreover, the system selected must also fulfil stringent requirements regarding hygiene, food safe, durability, and exposure or stress conditions and of course, ease of applications and total cost management. Most common containment structure would be swimming pools, water storage tanks or reservoirs, not forgetting storage tanks for food and oil and gas as well.

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Other/Special Case

Marquee WFM ™ product is the best solution for not only concrete surfaces but also steel, and wood surfaces as well. Marquee WFM ™ is anti-corrosion that is perfect to keep steel & wood surfaces from corrosion.

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