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About Us

Marquee Industry (Marquee™) is a young and innovative company which specialises in protective coatings for the buildings and construction industry. Marquee’s weather protective solutions are designed to withstand drastic weather changes especially tropical climate condition such as South Asia. Our Weather Protective Coatings are also environmentally friendly products that comprise solar heat-resistance, water-resistance, mould-resistance, micro-organism resistance and also corrosion-resistance properties. Marquee™ weather protective coatings & solutions are extremely cost-effective investments that offer excellent performance and economical value to the real estate developers and properties owners. Innovation is at the core of Marquee™ vision. Our goal is to develop high-performing and reliable products and technologies to service our customers. We worked in close collaboration with our customers and industry organisations to provide tailored engineering systems, we invest significantly in products & systems innovation and we developed engineering tools that assist in the design, manufacture and supervision of structural devices. At present, we have extended our businesses to most ASEAN regions including, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and even Greater China which is already in the pipelines.


Weather Protective Coatings

Waterproof Flexible Membrane (WFM)

Marquee weather protective coatings, WFM is a thin seamless waterproofing, corrosive-resistant, flexible polymeric membrane which bonds directly to almost any surface. Marquee’s WFM is single component and wet mix. It also contains no solvents making it safe to handle, at the same time, non-flammable and environmentally-friendly, thus it is an ideal solution for the Building & Construction Industries.

Solar Reflective Coat (SRC)

Marquee Solar Reflective Coatings, SRC isolate coated objects from solar radiation. SRC series of coatings are a perfect match with WFM for exposed surface of a building especially the roof and wall. The SRC combines well with WFM to provide additional protection of exposed building surface from solar-heat radiation by reflecting most of solar heat, reducing solar radiation heat absorption process. SRC aims at stabilising the temperature of buildings, thus reducing the risk of cracks formation due to thermal over-expansion.

We Offer

Marquee Weather Protective Coating & Solutions offers you the oppournity to further secure your buildings and architectures with industry standard protective layers against elements such as water, heat and wind. In additional to that, these coatings that we will supply are 100% Eco friendly.

100% and safe to the environment

Why Choose Us

Marquee™ Weather Protective Coatings provide total solution to our customers. High-performance weather protective materials must possess 2 primary functions, namely, heat resistance; water resistance. Marquee™ products can fulfil all these criteria and in fact offers much more. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages and benefits of choosing Marquee™ Climate Protective Coatings over conventional products in the following.

Our services comes with post-completion warranty and support.