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Marquee Industry (Marquee™) is a young and innovative company which specialises in protective coatings for the buildings and construction industry. Marquee’s weather protective solutions are designed to withstand drastic weather changes especially tropical climate condition such as South Asia. Innovation is at the core of Marquee™ vision. Our goal is to develop high-performing and reliable products and technologies to service our customers. We worked in close collaboration with our customers and industry organisations to provide tailored engineering systems, we invest significantly in products & systems innovation and we developed engineering tools that assist in the design, manufacture and supervision of structural devices. At present, we have extended our businesses to most ASEAN regions including, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and even Greater China which is already in the pipelines.

  • WFM Waterproof Flexible Membrane
  • SRC Solar Reflective Coatings

We Help You in Your Dream

Our solutions ensures that your buildings and architecture are protected by WFM and SRC solutions which meets all the required industry standard.


At Marquee Climate Solutions, we highly uphold the safety of all employees, local and internationally.

Best Quality

Our solutions meets all industry standards requirements and is acknowledge internationally.

Our Values

Our company is built on a number of solid principles that has shaped everyone to not only be better at the industry but as well in all areas of our lives.

Integrity & honesty

No matter the situation, we will never compromise on the quality of service provided. We aim for a long lasting and reputable relationship with our customers.

Customer's Satisfaction

With our experiences and skill set, we constantly aim to service all of our customers to the best of these capabilities.

Smile & friendliness

We strongly believe that a smile can change any person's day. That's why we keep this in practice for everyone at Marquee Co.

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